Happy Dog

A dog and his dog.

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Crazy Cousins

It is such a shame that they don’t get along.

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Spike is our new guard beast. Burglers beware he is is 8 pounds of pure canine rage.

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Tired Ninja

James has wrapped up first grade, started Aikido Summer Camp, grew about 3 inches, earned his orange belt and tied it on his own for the first time. He wasn’t above passing out in the car on the way home though. That 30 minutes was the longest period of silence that I have had all week.

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I used sleep with a very fuzzy, orange cat wrapped around my head. The cat passed away and was replaced by an 85 pound mutt dog who did the same. Now a kid has taken over the roll of bedtime head octopus.

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He had his first music recital, and was asked to dress nicely. He wanted to be unique, stand out, and naturally that meant a suit.

As he dressed we could see him graduating, going to interviews….

We put our arms around each other, as our eyes filled with tears because….. he is going to slay ALL the ladies. Some of the grown ladies as well, because we received more than one comment about how cute he is. Damn straight.


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Race Face

Just in case you didn’t know it is on.

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