I Am a Real Dog!

21 Aug

Spike has only been with us for a short time. So far he is a great dog: gentle with James, playful, protective, will fetch until he can’t take another step.

He isn’t perfect, he does misbehave. He’s had a couple of accidents at home, has figured out how to open the center console in the car and ate a pair of reading glasses, and chases the cats (who outweigh him) mercilessly.

Dogs are supposed to love car rides right? Head out the window, tongue lolling, gums and eyelids flapping in the breeze and all that. Typically Spike will cower in James’s lap and shiver like a leaf on a chilly Fall day. He looks like he can’t wait for the car torture to be over.

It wasn’t until this morning that Spike showed signs of being an every dog. He stood up on my lap and pressed his nose against the glass. When traffic slowed I cautiously rolled down the window and he stuck his nose outside and sniffed.

It made me think off the cat teaching Bolt about all the things that normal dogs like to do. If Spike moves on to trying to drink out of the toilet, he risks going for a swim.

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