15 Dec


The Second Amendment

“A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

This law was enacted pre-Revolutionary War. It was a difficult time the country, the Patriots were about done with British rule, and were getting ready to oust British Loyalists. There was an element of self-protection, but it was more about being able to militarize the public and stockpile weapons so that a revolution could be organized and fought. The second amendment allowed private citizens to protect themselves and their fledgling country against Loyalists. It was a smart cost saving measure at the time.

Arming private citizens shouldn’t be necessary. The US has a well armed military and police force (underfunded sure) but they ask for volunteers and supply the weapons, you don’t have to bring your own from home.

School should be a safe place for children without locks, metal detectors, or added security.  Teachers should never have decide to place their bodies between their students and a man-child carrying a gun.

Teaching children to be respectful, empathetic, law-abiding citizens is absolutely necessary, there just isn’t enough humanity in our humanity these days.  But teaching good values, or being a wonderful supportive parent cannot help someone who is mentally unstable, and has fallen through the cracks.  They are in a dark place that kindness and sadly the best parenting cannot reach.

Yes the mentally ill should have more support. How many times do we have to hear “he was a socially awkward loner that like to wear hoodies, but got good grades” before we recognize that this person is in trouble? But, tough gun control will not stop someone bent on mass murder from killing a stable person to steal the guns he or she intends to use….ON CHILDREN.

Yes I’m yelling, I’m mad, sad, angry, worried about how Tim and I can protect James.  I normally would never be so outwardly political, but I’m shocked, horrified, way too many young children died yesterday.  I don’t think more strict gun laws will help.  Early detection and support for people who are on a downward spiral will help but even better support won’t prevent every person who is ill or just pissed off from getting their hand on a gun or knife and hurting someone if they really want to.

It is deeply saddening that so many sons, daughters, grandchildren had to die hiding from someone who was barely an adult himself.  Someone who needed help, and received our antipathy instead. Someone who might have hurt people even if he didn’t have access to guns, though it might have slowed him down.  I’m sad that tragedy is getting people to voice their opinions including mine.  Change needs to happen…NOW!

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