10 Oct

James’s first summer break chewed us all up and spit us out.  School never really ended for him;  there was summer camp, summer reading camp, aikido camp, outdoor camp, which all lead to way too much time commuting and not enough time left for anything else.

Some more firsts:

  • First camping trip- We went to the Scottish Festival in Prosser with Scott, April, Joe, Yoko, Cory and Janet, and the kids.  Prosser in the summer is hot, hot, hot!  But being with friends was fun.
  • James’s first bike ride without training wheels- at Cape Dissapointment with Scott and April and a herd of really wonderful people who we’d love to see again.
  • First big spill on a bike.  Being a fledgling rider, James underestimated a curve and wound up dumping his bike in a ditch.
  • First bike injury.  It was minor but picking a rock out of his bleeding knee still wasn’t very fun.  He wore his battle scar with pride though.
  • First BFF moving away.  G’s family decided that a change was in order.  They sold their dream home that they’d been in for just about a year, picked up and moved to Africa to volunteer on a hospital ship.  How cool is that?!  I cried more than James did.  G we miss you.
  • First ride in a Viper.  Tim won a ride-along in a Viper at a charity event.  He managed to talk the driver into letting James go for one very sedate loop around the track.  James was thrilled.
  • First boys only bonding trip.  Tim surprised James with a trip to Disneyland while I was out-of-town for work.  They had a blast.
  • First day of first grade, and first real homework.

Library books goooood!

Homework baaaaad 😦

James was excited to be a big kid, he’d get more books at the library and would have homework. The books made him very happy.  But upon seeing his packet of homework during the first week, the reality what homework every night meant, hit James like a sledgehammer.  He was so upset that he calmly excused himself saying that he needed some time alone…which in turn lead to…….

  • First voluntary trip to his room.  James has never spent time in his room unless he has absolutely had to.  He excused himself, sedately walked downstairs, and gently closed his bedroom door.  Then he spent the next 15 minutes venting his frustration in a flood of tears and loud, vehement refusals to do any homework..EVER!!!!..which…..
  • After he exhausted himself, James came back upstairs and carefully completed his first page of math homework and absolutely KILLED IT!
  • First lost tooth the old-fashioned way.  James’s first tooth was pulled by the dentist.  His second tooth “fell” out with a little help from Dad tonight.
  • Shortly after his tooth came out we realized that his first adult molars managed to sneak its way into his mouth.  We were distracted  the lower front tooth’s appearance which we incorrectly assumed was his first adult tooth.

Excuse me now, while I put on my tooth fairy wings and deliver some cash to a little boy who told me as he went to bed that the going rate for a tooth was “a dollar and twenty-five cents.  No!  A dollar and sixty-five cents.”  Another first, he negotiated in the correct direction, up!

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