23 May

I don’t know what it is with WordPress and pictures.  The preview looks fine, then when I go to post, nadda.  Here’s the post hopefully with a picture.

Nothing says misery quite like a child running a fever. 


If you’d asked me yesterday that James would be like this today, I’d have thought it funny because he was doing great.  Maybe a little too great.  Last night we attended our elementary school’s annual display of art projects (The Art Walk).  There were lots of activities, a recital by the third grade, and lots of kid art, and ice cream. We’d been hearing about the Art Walk for weeks; James was more excited about the Walk than the upcoming trip to the zoo.

Last night he flitted from exhibit to exhibit like a humming-bird, breathlessly pointing out his own creations and  those of his friends.  When he tired of art, he moved on to the craft stations, and then raced his friends in the courtyard.  He hopped, and danced and wiggled with enviable energy, he was so happy! 

But by the time we got into the car, James was losing steam.  He was upset because he was hungry and the car was not taking us to dinner nearly fast enough to satisfy his aching tummy.  The sniveling escalated into a nuclear tantrum the likes of which we’ve not seen since he was a baby.  There were hysterical  floods of tears, hyperventilation, and oh the flailing of limbs.  It went on and on and on…..and on!   

We should have known that something was brewing, because hysterics haven’t been a part of his DNA for a very long time.  When he crawled into bed with us this morning, he was shivering but so hot that I instantly started sweating.  His temp was at 103 and he slept restlessly from about 4:00 to 6:30am. 

James is feeling so crummy that he actually turned off Skylanders without any encouragement, which never happens unless under severest threat of penalties.  He stayed awake long enough to slump slowly to his side and burrow deeper under the covers.  He’s now napping, again an activity that has been limited to the adult members of this household for quite a while.  Every now and then I can hear him shift and make an unhappy noise in his sleep.  I hope he feels better soon, poor guy.

Critter Cam Update 

No critter sitings to report unless you include humans.  We have lots of pictures of us coming and going, many of them are close-ups of my chest as I lean in to pull the SD card out of the camera – Tim loves those.  So far we’ve only successfully taken one photo in the dead of night, and it has to be of a moth fluttering into the lens, or a tiny alien.  An alien would be far more exciting.

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One response to “Misery

  1. mrsmouthyrsmouthy

    May 25, 2012 at 8:47 pm

    Poor guy. Hope he feels better already, and that Mom and Dad stay healthy! Yes, I can see the picture.



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