18 May

The morning before last we were heading out the door to school/work to discover that something had been in our garbage.  The can was knocked over, bags torn apart, moldy food and….random crap was everywhere.  We thought maybe raccoons or a pack of coyotes were to blame.  I know we played a part, we do live in the woods, and yes we should put our cans in the garage, but we haven’t had any issues.

We cleaned up quickly and Tim bunjeed and strapped the lid down tightly.  Problem solved right? 

The next morning we woke up, walked confidently to the car but something was missing.  The can was nowhere in sight, poof, vanished.  Tim and I gave each other funny looks, both silently wondering if the other had moved the can into the garage to be safe.  But, no it was about 10 feet behind the car, on its side.  At first we thought the lid had been torn off, but whatever had been at it had pulled a large bag out of a small crack between the lid and the body of the can.  There were scuff marks in the garden where something had tried to get traction to overcome the straps.  We couldn’t see any prints though.  The can was so packed with garbage and so heavy that we are thinking that whatever it was, it was strong and big.

A friend of mine loaned us a motion activated, infra-red digital camera so that we can try to capture our nightly visitor in the act.  Who knows what we’ll find, and I’m not sure that I’m going to be happy getting an answer either way.  A bear would be scary,a cougar pretty frightening too.  But a pack of raccoons or coyotes large enough to pull over and drag a super heavy garbage can is just a tad too organized and motivated. 

Regardless, James’s somewhat hesitant trips back and forth to the shop with me watching from the deck are over.  He’s going to have a parent attached to him when he is outside, for a while like it or not.

We’ll check the camera in the morning!

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