Movin’ and Shakin’

28 Apr

A while back a new Internet Explorer 9 commercial came out.  The imagery was eye-catching but the featured music….LOVE!   I had no idea who the artist was and needed to find out like I needed Cheetos when I was pregnant. 

Bless the crazy scary smart people who wrote the code capable of finding an answer to  “Who does the music for that web commercial?”  The ad is “A More Beautiful Web”, the artist Alex Clare and the song is called “Too Close”.  Clare’s soulful voice mixes with jazzy melodies and club heavy beats, that had my inner 20 year-old hopping up and down.

I may not be shaking it in a beaded bra on top of a speaker at Graceland up in Vancouver BC anymore but listening to this album made me regret that I didn’t get to. I might have danced myself right off the speaker and into a wheelchair.

I downloaded Clare’s album “The Lateness of the Hour” from Zune (no iTunes for this girl) and played it for James on the way to Aikido this morning.  He couldn’t shake his booty, booster seats are such a buzzkill, but he pumped his hands in the air above his head to show me the rise and fall of the melody and nodded along to the beat. Lady Gaga has some company on James’s playlist.

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