29 Mar

Update:  She’s gone.

Thursdays are usually happy days.  They are, after all, the lane leading to the gate that is Friday which, opens up to the lovely front yard of Saturday.  But not today.

A friend is very ill. We worked together for years.  Whenever I spoke to her one the phone or saw her, she was so funny, and upbeat even when she had reasons not to be.  Hanging out with her at our company’s annual sales conferences was a blast – there are very few people who I’d want to want to dance through downtown Atlanta in the dead of night with.  I have enormous respect for her spirit and tenacity.

She is tough; she had to be, working where we do can crush some, but not her.  Miraculously, she survived a major health crisis few years ago and bounced back like the bionic woman – it was amazing.  This time it isn’t looking very hopeful, the mail from her sister was very grim.  The choices that her family faces this week are the kind that no one ever wants to make especially for someone so young.  The candle is for her and the rain that has been falling heavily all week probably is too.

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