Project or Procrastination Part II

04 Feb

Like I mentioned in the previous post titled “ProcrastinationI’ve attached are pictures from a project that I worked on to avoid working on the pillow and curtains for James’s room.  A bit of blather comes first.

Back when we moved into our current house, there was an alcove near our bedroom that was a mini-office.  We intended to use a room in the basement as our office, and the built-in, sagging blonde oak desk smelled faintly of cat pee, so it was quickly torn apart.  The space sat unfinished with an antique dresser hiding the roughed up drywall, until we figured out a better plan.

Eventually we decided that the space would become a window seat that would hold our blow-up guest bed and linens, pillows and my sewing supplies.  Tim built the bench and I made a pad and pillows using materials that were repurposed from another project that I never really liked the results of.

I would show you a picture of the alcove before we renovated, but out of the hundreds of pictures that we took when we moved in, we somehow neglected this area.  Here’s a picture of James (age 2.5) trying super hard to splash in a puddle instead.

Tim did an amazing job on the bench for the window seat.  This is comfortable space that I’ve napped and read books to James in.

Here’s more detail on the pillow on the left. This pillow…um…took a while and but was an awesome distraction from the other pillow, the one that took 6.5 years. Turns out I’d rather hand sew piping, and thousands of buttons than deal with a little silly trim. Like other projects this one started out simple and snowballed. Mom had a collection of antique buttons, and it seemed a shame to let them languish away in a box in the closet. Even thought the collection was large, it wasn’t quite big enough not even close. A good source for antique shell or bone buttons is on E-bay. Who knew that there’s E-bay bidding wars over buttons- but there are, and they get snippy.

Despite everything, the space isn’t done. Up next, valances for the window seat and bedroom. The bolster pillows are capped with raw silk that I used for valances and curtains in our old house. There is no way I’m going to let silk languish in a closet for 6 more years because I’m nervous about reworking complicated valances…nope!

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One response to “Project or Procrastination Part II

  1. captaindumbass

    February 20, 2012 at 9:56 am

    I wish I had a space like that in my house. Then again, it would only be filled up with the kids toys.



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