31 Jan

I am a champion procrastinator, if there was an award, I’d get it.

Back when I was nearing my due date, I started nesting.  No scrubbing the floors, madly cleaning every piece of clothing and linen in the house, or baking mountains of food to squirrel away in the freezer, no not I.

I had an un-deniable urge to re-upholster a glider and sew pleated blackout curtains for the baby’s room.  With days left to my due date I decided the decor room wouldn’t be complete without a custom upholstered valance.  Things sort of spun out of control and before I knew it there was custom-made reversible bumpers and matching dust ruffle for the crib too.

The whole ensemble was coming along nicely, but with hours left until my due date, I realized that the rocker was a little lacking in the lumbar support area.  Since I planned to spend a lot of time rocking and nursing my newborn in that chair a coordinating pillow with trim matching the valance and bumpers was TOTALLY necessary.  I had just enough fabric and trim to do the job.

Pillows are usually pretty easy.  Just sew a few straight seems, and schazam within 30 minutes you have a totally awesome pillow wich cost about a thousand, million percent less than what you can get retail.  Pillows with trim or piping are a little trickier.  The trim I used was very stiff, and it was tough to sew around the corners without having it look like a dog chewed on it.

So here’s the thing, when a sewing project isn’t going smoothly, I have to set it aside, lest I burn it in a bonfire of rage, and that’s when I’m not having Braxton Hicks.  The degree to which I procrastinate and resist returning to said project is proportional to my perceived angst over the difficulty.

Who knew that cooking a kid would take less time than that pillow, roughly six point five years and a new house.

Here’s what James’s room in our old house looked like. The clarity of the photo serves to highlight the stark nakedness of the glider.  Who are those Davis people?   Letting a newborn sleep in a room without a coordinating, custom-made pillow! Heathens I tell you!

This tiny, little pillow took all those years to make.

And in the new house, the glider is finally sporting a pillow.  The curtains from James’s old bedroom were sliced and diced to fit the shorter windows.  A much easier project which I dreaded so much that it also took me six point five years and a weekend to finish.  Five years of brooding, followed by a frenzy of measuring and pinning, then another year-and-a half of avoiding, and then one weekend of work to complete.

Tomorrow (or maybe next month, or next year) I’ll post pictures of one of the projects that I worked on to avoid thinking about that stupid pillow….and curtains.

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