High Ho

23 Jan
High Ho

Rants from Mommyland recently blogged about the funniest song lyrics their kids got wrong.  They had invited other moms to share some of the delightfully twisted lyrics that their kids had come up with. Sadly, at the time, I had nothing to submit.  When James has belted out a tune, the lyrics have been totally made up, usually dealing with the ins and outs of his day, mostly a litany of offenses against his person, and almost always he sings alone. 

But over the weekend, at our friend’s dining room table, James sang his version of Farmer in the Dell.  It went a little something like this…..

“The Farmer in the Dell, the Farmer in the Dell, High Ho the Stereo the Farmer in the Dell!”

He sang it quietly, his eyes brimming with hesitant concern.  Singing to an audience was scary and he wanted nothing more than our whole-hearted approval.  He repeated this line several times because he couldn’t remember the rest and when he was done, we gave him a wild round of applause.

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Posted by on January 23, 2012 in Kid Speak


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