Random Tuesday

29 Nov

Hi- it has been a while, I know.  With the Kindergarten still kicking our butts, my birthday and the Holidays fully under way you’d think that I’d have plenty of fodder to feed into the blog mill, but nope, nopity, nope.

Normally I am super jazzed about the fall, but this year the crisp air, the colors, none of it has moved me maybe because I’m seeing it all through a thick wall of endless rain.  My birthday came and went, I turned fou…something, something which didn’t exactly put me in the best of moods.  Tim did give me a lovely Kindle Fire which I lurvs very much.  I love it and pet it and have named it George. Ahem…

Thanksgiving was lovely.  My sister-in-law hosted, so I didn’t have to do much cooking, nor did I have to cope with a household full of people for which I’m appropriately thankful for. James had a wonderful time playing with his cousins.  Getting him to take a break from playing long enough to eat was no easy task.  We saw very little of James during the evening which was odd and liberating.  Again thankful.

We survived our first round of parent-teacher conferences.  James did very well; in most areas he rated strength or developing and didn’t have any areas for concern.  He needs to work on recognizing letters and numbers no surprise there, and needs to be willing to try to do more “things” on his own.

We are dog sitting and she is a very good girl.  Her name is Raja and she is probably the best dog on the planet. We love her and pet her and call her Raj.  She only barks when a strange human, or strange cat comes to the door.  Well, the cats are ours and aren’t technically strangers, but they are strangers to her.  She sits when told, lays down when told, doesn’t jump up or beg, or runaway when we let her out, she hasn’t gotten into anything, and doesn’t jump up.  She didn’t even root around in her bag of dog food when we forgot and left it with her in her pen.

She has a few quirks, but even those are cas cute as her soft nose.  She will carefully pick up two pieces of kibble, not one, not three, two, will carry them to her blanket and then methodically “buries” them with her nose.  She also has to lay down in every puddle she can find, and afterwards likes to be washed off with the hose….outside in the freezing cold.  At first, I thought for sure that she was just being polite and not biting my face off. But, at the end of our second walk, she ran right up to the hose and laid down, thumped her tail expectantly until I washed her off.  The dog farst are pretty darn nasty though.  Can’t say I will miss that.

Hopefully more later.

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