20 Oct

James is less one tooth! Being that he is a Davis-Hart amalgamation it didn’t happen easily either. Slamming of doors and string were not part of the picture.

All that was needed the help of Novocaine, a pair of pliers and a really awesome dentist.  James pulled through just fine, no pun intended.

James was initially excited by the prospect of the tooth fairy visiting, but right before bed he became anxious with the concept. 

M:  James the Tooth Fairy is going to come tonight!
J:  Silence……huge worried eyes ala Puss-n-Boots from Shrek.
M:  But James, she’s going to bring you money for your tooth!
J:………more huge eyes
M:  Baby are you scared?
J:  wordless nodding….
M:  What is scaring you?
J:  The bumpity bump, bump, bump…
M:   I’m confused, what is the bumpity, bump, bump, bump?
J:  The sound of my teeth rattling around in the walls when she flies away.
M:  Oh no sweety she won’t make any noise, you won’t even know she’s been here.
J:  Really, she won’t buzz?
M:  Maybe, but no one has ever heard her, everyone usually sleeps right through her visits.
J:  Doesn’t she carry a wand or someth’n?  clearly still not convinced
M:  Maybe, but no one has ever seen her, so I don’t know for sure.  But honey, she gives you money in trade for your teeth.  I promise you she’s really nice, not scary in the least.  If she wasn’t nice she’d just take your tooth and say “I’v got your tooth and no money for you.  Sorry Charlie, ha ha!”
J:  tiniest of smiles.  Yeah, if she was mean, she’d probably say “to bad so sad.”  How does she get under my pillow?
M:  Well she’s magical so poof she just makes a tunnel and crawls in.
J:  But how does she breathe? 
M:  She’s magical honey, she can breathe just fine anywhere.
J:  I didn’t believe in her until just now.

This morning James proudly displayed his loot, and assured me that he did indeed hear buzzing last night.

The going rate for a tooth in our house is $1.11. What is the going rate in your house?

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