Weekly Writer’s Workshop……ZZZZZZZZ

13 Oct

Mama’s Losin’ It


Huh?!!? Murph!  Gahhhhhh….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Snarf!  Nooooooo!  Gack! It’s dark, it can’t possibly be morning, it hasta be in da middle of da nigh….zzzzzz..

What!  Wake up?! No I can’t possibly, wake up, my eyes……..zzzzzzz……

Alright! Mom! Gah!  Must stretch, oohh lanquid rolling over on to my tummy would feel grea…..zzzzzzz

Mom!  What!?! I’m so tired can’t Mamma jus leave me alone?  My feet are cold but Dad’s back is so very warm…..Here let me jus put dem right here….aahhhhhzzzzzz

OK!  OK!  Crazy Mamma always so pushy.  Maybe if I tell her that she’s hurting my feelings and cry, she will let me stay in da warm bed.  Nope did not work.  I’ll pretend to be spaghetti instead and slide outta da bed, she’ll forget I’m here and that I havta get dressed.  

Oh gah!  The pain, the light, is burning searing holes in my eyes!  Maybe if I fall into a heap on the floor and pretend to be dying she’ll give me a hug and forget that I need to brush teeth and get shirt an pants and unnerpants an socks on……sob, sob, sniffle…….zzzzzz.

Blink!  Oh man she’s really mad now, better get dressed for reals.  This is me hurrying up, high gear, yeah for me! 

Wow!!! Holy cow! What what is dat in ma bellybutton?  Kinda hurts when I poke it…ooohh giggle, that tickles too.  Oh that thing is an old goldfish cracker crumb, maybe Mamma will wanna sniff it.  Oh yeah unnerpants.

Biting my tongue helps me snap my pants.  Snaps are stupid, I hate them.  But hate and stupid are baaaaad words. Shhhhh…..

Mamma what is that thing that we saw at the place yesterday?  You know the thing with the shape?  Sock one!  Sock two!  Now pants!  Mom! I AM getting dressed, but what is that thing about the stuff at the place?!?!  I know, I know, less talking more dressing, but that hurts my feelings….. Sob!

Darn shirt, my head won’t fit through the hole in the top and I’m NOT HAPPY!  Sob!  Hugs are not making this better woman!  Hands off! SOOOOOOBBBBBB!

But Momma remember the thing, you know the thing?

Mom!  Mooooommmmmmaaaah!  Wait! See I’m all dressed.

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Posted by on October 13, 2011 in Kid Speak, Weekly Writer's Workshop


One response to “Weekly Writer’s Workshop……ZZZZZZZZ

  1. Casey

    October 17, 2011 at 6:39 pm

    Ha! Love the play by play but I’m jealous that you have to do the waking. We are up to 4:40 most mornings from Graham. The kid just will not stay asleep. Wanna trade?



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