Kindergarten Day 1

31 Aug

This is how James’s first day of Kindergarten kicked off.

3:30am- James taps me on the shoulder and crawls into bed.  Puts his cold feet on my arm and complains about not having a pillow.

6:00am- Alarm goes off.  I hit snooze.  James rolls over muttering.

6:10am- Alarm goes off again.  I get up, James rolls to Daddy and starts to cry.  Daddy mellows out the pre-kindergarten jitters by tickling James into laughing.

Regular getting ready to leave activities take up the next 30 minutes.  James comes in first and I lose the getting dressed race.

Cats are fed, James grabs insulated lunch sack (filled the previous evening) from the fridge and stuffs it into his brand new, not the least bit babyish backpack.  The backpack takes up almost as much space as James does, but he picked it out and loves it. The Backpack includes small pillow and towel for naps, a plastic folder with two pockets, dry erase markers for school.  Name, parent emergency phone number, teacher name, class room number, and bus details are listed on a yellow laminated card pinned to the outside.

6:40am- Out the door into the car.  I forget Leapster batteries and promise to rectify the situation by the afternoon.  I read the Guardian’s of Ga’Hoole in the car.

7:00am-  Arrive for first morning of before school care.  Pictures taken.

7:05am- Kisses, hugs, high-fives, knuckle and wrist bumps goodbye.  James heads off to play with space ship toys.

7:10am- Off to Starbucks to get morning coffee, I try not to lose it while Tim tries to ignore me not loosing it.

8:15am- Drive to elementary and hang out to watch buses arrive.  Try to hover without James realizing that we are hovering.

8:40am- James’s bus arrives.  James disappears into a sea of children.  I hyperventilate.  James re-emerges with an assist from a very nice lady carrying a bullhorn,  he makes it to class successfully.  We know this because like paparazzi we took in all the action from behind some shrubbery and a small pine.

8:45am- I sneak a peak into his class.  They are having circle time on a mat on the floor, lots of little faces turned up to their teacher.  I hear fragments of what she says – words like “first day” and “lots to to” and “fun”.  I can’t see James and would sneak closer but fear that if he sees me he’ll dart out of class. Tim signals frantically from outside to wrap it up and I do.

For more first day stories and pictures visit Mama Kat.
Mama’s Losin’ It

More later.

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