Kindergarten Day 1 Report Card

31 Aug

We were both worried that James would be overwhelmed by his big, BIG day, so we made the evening all about him.

After we picked him up, we nonchalantly discussed his day.  In general, he seemed pretty happy.  Finding his class wasn’t too hard, because a grown up helped, which we already knew but didn’t let on. He mentioned something about being on the red team, and trying to see how many  it took to reach a clothes pin on the ceiling.   He couldn’t tell us what how many meant, but he didn’t reach the pin another kid did.  He chatted with the daughter of a family friend at recess.  (He knows a first grader and a third grader, both older women- hubba hubba)  A kid cut his finger and we Would NOT Believe How Much Blood There Was- a lot FER Real It Got On His Shoe! And he got to go to the gym to play a game involving turtles.

Since he successfully navigated uncharted waters, and was generally a champ on his first day of school, we surprised him with a Harry Potter Lego set.  While I made dinner, Tim sat on the floor and supervised sorting Legos, and James started building the figures.  After dinner, we all sat on the floor to wrap up putting legs, hair, and wands on Harry and friends.

While we were building James remarked that “this was the best day ever!”  We asked him what his favorite parts were and he said that he loved being at his new school and his new Lego set.

Score: A. He was brave, and his vocabulary is already increasing. A is for awesome.

.  Not bad for his a first day.

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One response to “Kindergarten Day 1 Report Card

  1. Captain Dumbass

    September 2, 2011 at 6:11 pm

    Yay! We’re waiting for the starts of grade one and three on Tuesday.



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