Our Weekend

13 Jun

The weather was nice and we were busy, busy, busy. 

Saturday, my friend Sara and I took our spawn up to Imagine Children’s Museum.  It isn’t a large space, but it is packed with plenty of activities to spark a kid’s imagination and parking is a breeze.  The kids had a blast.

Up on the roof there's lots to do, sliding, playing musical instruments, but in James's opinion the ONLY thing to do was dig for dinosaur bones.

Washing stuffed animals at the wildlife clinic was lots of fun.

But not nearly as fun as visiting the pharmacy and checking out. The visit only cost us one million, sixty-two, ten and seventy-five dollars.

Fort (forch according to James) building involved lots of safety equipment, note the cones and the vests, though the hats stayed on for about 30 seconds.


But the water room, oh my, that kept them busy for quite a while.
There was lots more to do including a glow in the dark room, train and airplane areas, a farm with milkable cow, but the kids were zipping around too fast to take decent pictures. 

When the day was done, they didn’t want to say goodbye there were tears and mopes.  So, we had S come over to play on Sunday afternoon while Tim and I worked in the yard.  I spent most of my time working on the entrance to our driveway, and periodically I’d hear laughter and the occasional howling of my wolf pack of two filtering through the trees.  Heaven!

Oh- and James wants you all to see his Aikido belt.  See the three yellow stripes?  He’s ready to advance to a yellow belt.  I think getting a yellow belt is more of a confidence booster than any indication of actual skill, but don’t tell him that.

See the three yellow stripes, he passed all his tests and is ready to move up.

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