Easter – Part 3 Fin

02 May

After all mommy hand wringing couldn’t have been more needless, Easter was wonderful.  James loved that EBR left him Hot Wheels and was delighted that EBR helped himself to a carrot treat.  He didn’t care one bit that we didn’t have a hunt at our house.  He had too much fun playing all day to care.  On the way to the hunt a rabbit ran across the driveway narrowly dodging the car.  I told James it must have been EBR on his way to another house.  James was ecstatic. 

My girlfriend mentioned that a gathering at her house could easily become a tradition, I heartily hope this is the case. Kids playing all day, adults chatting and eating great food all day, what more could a person want?

Watching the children play was like watching dust dance and whirl in a sunbeam.  It was glorious. 

Looking for bugs in the woodpile.

The girls are pestering a frog, or maybe an ant’s nest. The adults were too busy chatting, and no one was screaming so we just let them have at it.  James is pretending to be a wolf complete with howls, gnashing of teeth, and rending the air with claws.


Marching just to march, there was a lot of marching single file with James in the lead.


This was the beginning of an epic ninja battle.  It quickly degenerated into rolling down the hill and playing dead until whomever laid down the longest got tickled by the others.  Magically none of the girl’s party dresses suffered any damage.

My only regret…I didn’t bring the good camera. All my pictures were blurry so I applied a paintbrush filter to capture the impressionistic quality of the light and movement.

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