Easter – Part 1

26 Apr

Easter hasn’t entirely settled into a tradition for us.  Prior to all the Davis kids having children, we’d typically gather for ham with one family member or the other.  Now that we’ve all had kids, we’ve scattered to the winds.  For reasons that shall remain personal, we don’t observe the religious aspect of the day, but I do want to keep the magic of it all alive for James.  After several failed attempts, our tradition remains a rather haphazard affair.

Attempt 1.  The first year that James was walking, we took him on an egg hunt.  He was terrified by everything, the basket, the eggs, and the other kids.  He refused to touch any eggs, and looked at me like I was a lunatic for putting them in the basket that he wouldn’t carry.  We tried going out to breakfast after, and it was a zoo getting in anywhere, he was bored and restless, and we were frazzled. 

Attempt 2. Year before last we had a simple hunt in the house – James could have cared less.  

Attempt 3.  Last year he thoroughly enjoyed coloring eggs, but when he realized they were never going to hatch he was devastated and quickly lost interest in everything else, so no hunt. 

Attempt 4.  This year we were invited to a friend’s house for food and an egg hunt.  Hanging out with our friends would be lovely, but I just didn’t know how it was going to be for James.  Would he talk endlessly about the eggs hatching, would he slide into the depths of despair when they didn’t?  Would actually hunting for eggs with other kids scare the snot out of him or make him sad because he wasn’t collecting as many eggs as everyone else? I imagined the worst, and a lack of motivation settled in, my planning was non-existent.

Luckily for me, we visited Grandpa Pat a few weekends ago, and to keep James entertained he decided to supply an egg dying kit- so we died eggs. Convincing James not to dip every egg in every color, resulting in mud colored eggs was tough but we got through it.  We both made a mess and had fun.


Rather than  endless discussions around keeping the eggs warm until they hatched, and tears when I insisted that they had to incubate in the fridge, there were many discussions about logistics.  How did the bunny collect all the eggs, how were they distributed.  Would the bunny deliver to boys that weren’t good.  Did the big B deliver candy and toys or only toys.  Did he hop to get into the house.  Seeing Hop answered many of these questions. 

So far, everything was going pretty well.  But would we make it through the actual day? 

More tomorrow.

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