Snow Day Part Deux

24 Feb

The snow here isn’t really all that bad but it is reeking havoc.  Daycare has been understaffed, opening late, and closing early.  We’ve been working from home, which is interesting when your five-year old is bored. 

James is having fun though.

He and his friends made a snow bear. 

James has deadly aim, especially when he is chucking slushies at your forehead.  We had a little talk about what is and isn’t  OK to aim at.  He asked me if gently patting snow onto foreheads was OK.  Is that OK?

It started snowing agin this evening.  I pointed this out to James and he excitedly said, “oooh we can make a snowglobe!”

Isn’t winter delightful?

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One response to “Snow Day Part Deux

  1. Casey

    February 25, 2011 at 6:06 am

    See, it’s posts like these that make me jealous of you snowbirds. I’m sure it’s got to be hard to keep James cooped up when it’s snowy, like we have to stay cooped up all summer when it’s too hot to play outside. But the snow bear is adorable..



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