01 Feb


First, and this has nothing to do with milestones, I must say that there is a commercial for diapers that I find repulsive.  The tagline is “what happens in diapers should stay in diapers.”  This by itself isn’t so bad, because, well, yes.  But what carries it over the edge, is the cartoon babies having a scored diaper filling contest, complete with repeated images of ballooning diapers.  Even James thought it was gross.

This week the Davis family marked the passing of some milestones.

1.  Shortly after being buckled in, James cried out in a strangled voice, “Mom, Dad…the buckle is squishing….meh….urg…. my penis!”   Daddy was all over swapping out the Britax car seat to the Recaro booster.  I didn’t even have to ask. I think Daddy can relate to that kind of pain.

2. James’ arms grew long enough that he can successfully complete a somersault.  He’s been doing them non-stop since he realized that he could, and I must say he is very graceful.

3. I submitted paperwork to transfer James out of the school district that we live in to a school in a district closer to work.  But what this really means is that my baby is starting Kindergarten in the fall…..blink…….waaaaaahhhhh!

All this milestone nonsense can just stop.  Do you have someone in your home who is growing up way too fast?  go read some random stuff to distract yourself over at Keely’s.  I did.

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