Discussions with James

04 Dec

I must be coming down with the plague, or maybe dengue fever?  I don’t know what I have but, I feel like crap.  I had a perfectly lovely workout this morning, and as of this afternoon I find it impossible to hold my enormously heavy head up.  Tim assures me that dumbbells are indeed not attached to my eyelids but, I can barely keep my eyes ope…….zzzzzzzzz…..what?! Oh..

I told James that I didn’t feel very good and I could have gotten more sympathy out of a squid.  His expression was of the “shake it off” variety. 

Right now I’d prefer comforting darkness, blissful silence, and the warmth of my bed, but James is his usually busy, chatty self.  Here is a sampling:

J:  Mom? Wanna hear a song?
M:  Sure.
J:  The Star Wars were always bad, they were always good, they went to Star Wars training caaaaaaaamp!….whooo (heavy breath)…ok done (more deep breathing).

M:  Your nails are long, we need to trim them.
J:  Yeah Mom, I know, but long toenails make it easier to hold on to things.

J:  Mom!
M:  Yes?
J:  Mom!
M:  Yes baby?
J:  Mom! Mom! Mom!
M: (Giving him the helter skelter look)  Yes?
J:   Mom!
J: Mom?!!? (hopping up and down, spanking himself, giggling like a loon) Can I have some popcorn?

….a few minutes later

J: Mom!
J: Now what?
M: I don’t know what?
J: I don’t know either.

I see NyQuil in my future, and bed, definitely bed.

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