Dodging Bullets (Whatever)

15 Nov

I had this whole post written about how I thought I might have cancer, how it turned out to be a benign lump, with a nice pitch at the end reminding everyone to get their annual mammogram…As it turns I don’t really care to talk about serious, life-changing events very much.

I watched James get dressed this morning and I couldn’t really figure out why he looked so different.  Sure he is eating so much food that I really have no idea where he is putting it all.  He’ll eat three huge helpings of everything on his plate, and in a half hour be starving again.  I know he is growing and all, but I see him every day so I really couldn’t put my finger on what had changed and why he suddenly looked like someone else’s kid.

I did consider for a moment that perhaps the lab tech switched petri dishes and gave us the wrong eggs.  That happens sometimes right?  Well, I finally nailed it, he was playing on the couch and he lifted his arms above his head.  He could grasp his hands over his head and had plenty of clearance, perhaps this was a clue.

James is all legs, hands and feet. His head is more proportional to his body.  He looks like a gangly boy. And you guys…he sprouted a neck!  I offer photographic evidence.

OK…I can’t ignore this, sigh…do self exams and if you are old enough, get an annual mammogram.

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Posted by on November 15, 2010 in Ramblings


One response to “Dodging Bullets (Whatever)

  1. mrsmouthy

    November 15, 2010 at 8:53 pm

    Oh man, what a scare you went through! Glad it’s benign.

    I’m like you. There’s tons that goes on behind the scenes–the “real” stuff in life–and all I want to write about is shower curtains.

    Way to kick cancer’s butt! Er…



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