This Week….Sigh

14 Oct

Ugh- it has been a tough week, this is all very random and half-assed.

James’s cheeks are burning like embers, and the heat is rolling off of him in waves.  There’s been moaning, thrashing, calling out wildly while asleep, shivering, and blank glassy eyes while awake.  A fever is raging, or he’s transforming into the alien life force that we suspect had  invaded when his interest in academics suddenly increased.

My oh so grown up five-year-old tried having a big ol’ temper tantrum on for size at pre-school. He was disruptive, didn’t listen and when Miss Connie’s discipline came hammering down, he shouted “I DON’T EVEN CARE!”  Blink…Blink…WTF!   Well it didn’t fit, he got his angry little butt written up, you don’t mess with Miss Connie…..ever, she scares adults.    Thankfully, by the end of the day he was well and truly repentant.

James and I were hanging out in the car, waiting for Tim to wrap up a chiropractic appointment.  James, being a true Davis, cracked off some very loud farts.  We both were very quiet for a few seconds, and then we started to quietly giggle.  I asked him if he needed to go potty and he said, “no Mom, I’m just full of toots (heavy sigh).”

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