WWWS: I Know My Son Loves Us ‘Cause…

07 May

Tim and I adore James; after a bad day, listening to him crack himself up in the car over his own knock knock joke makes it all better.  We tell him that we love him, but he shows his love more than he says it.  Here are a few examples….

1. Last night we were on the couch, just hanging, shooting the breeze.  James grabbed a blanket, and burrowed underneath for a few minutes.  When he popped up for air, he scooted over towards Tim, then looked over at me and said “come on over Mom”.  He laid his head in my lap, and his feet in Tim’s, and spent the rest of the evening totally content.  He wants to be with US.

2. James tried on a new word the other day.  We were getting ready to head out for school, and he said, “hey Mom, I wan to see a new movie.”  I asked him which one.  He started hopping up and down, displayed a few of his favorite karate moves and shouted “Kick Ass!”  This is not the first time he has tested these waters.  He pushes the limits, because he trusts US .

3. 99.9% of the time, Tim and I drop James off from daycare and pick him up together.  When we drop him off, he gives us multiple hugs, knuckles, bumps, and high-fives before he runs off to play with his friends.  If mornings are cake, then afternoons are the frosting.  When we walk through the door to pick him up, he doesn’t always realize we are there right away.  We like to watch him play.  Because when he realizes that we are there, his whole face lights up, and he drops what he’s doing, runs over yelling, “MOM!, DAD! BAHHH!”  and wraps himself like a monkey around one of our legs.  He gets excited to see US.

4.  Every once in a while, totally unsolicited, we hear those magic words.  I was helping James get his shoes one morning, he looked up put his hand on my cheek and said, “Mom, I love you” and turned away to work on his shoelaces.  He turned back and couldn’t find me because I had melted into a schmoopy puddle. 

He loves US!

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