03 May

The Davis family had a big, big weekend filled with action and adventure.  On Saturday we attended a third birthday party for one of James’s cousins.  On Sunday, Tim went to the races with his brother James in the wind and the rain.  Racing sounded like SO much fun, that I stayed home and entertain the smaller James.  I didn’t want to spend the whole day being lazy, so on we had a schedule.

1.  7am – Wake up.   James wakes up between 7 and 7:30am every morning.  It doesn’t matter if he goes to bed at 8pm or 1am, he wakes up at the same time, like clockwork.

2.  8am – Go to breakfast at Pomegranate and insult the staff.  Lisa Dupar is one of my favorite chefs, her food is fun and tasty, plus the restaurant is connected to her catering company.  Diners can watch the caterers create pastries and all sorts of delightful treats through large windows connecting the two rooms.  James doesn’t like Pomegranate, because they serve pancakes with whipped cream which he told the server was “gross.”  We had a little talk about what being polite in a restaurant means which,  lead to tears.  We left quickly and gave a generous tip.

3. 9am – Drive to downtown Seattle.  The usual amount of chatter from the backseat was not forthcoming.  I looked in the rearview mirror and found James welling up.

M:  James?  What’s wrong buddy?
J:  Where’s my Daddy (sniffle)?
M:  Remember, he’s racing with your Uncle.
J:  When is he coming baaaaack (sniffle, single tear)?
M: Later tonight.
J:  Bwahhhh!  I wanmyDaddynow!
M: Sigh….

4. 10am Arrive Seattle Aquarium. James’s mood brightens magically,  he is bounces all the way from the parking lot to the ticket counter.

5.  10am-11:30am- Visit the Aquarium.  James liked the aquarium, but all he really cared about was seeing the sea otters.  I don’t really care about anything else either, but for the money I felt obligated to to show him all that the Aquarium has to offer.  He didn’t want to touch anything in the tide pools.  He was unimpressed by the tropical fish, thought the octopus was “gross,” and didn’t want to watch the video of the 6-gilled shark.  I gave up dragging him around, and we arrived just in time to watch the sea otters get fed… and poop, and see the vet scoop out the poop, and talk about analyzing the poop.  James was seriously impressed.

James looking up into the fish ladder. He liked being "under water."

6.  11:30am- Noon-  Go home!  If going home means going to the gift shop, then yes, by all means!   We stopped long enough to take one blurry picture with the river otters sleeping in a big pile (I’ve never, ever seen them in any other state) and then went directly to the gift shop. 

Note the fixed and glassy stare? He's looking right at the doors to the gift shop.

 7.  Noon- 1:30pm- Drive, home, grocery shop with highly impatient child.  We made it through shopping pretty quickly until we headed towards the check-out aisles.   Damn QFC for putting a large Avatar display right next to the cashier.  Damn them for offering Avatar at the super low price of $11.99 with purchase of popcorn, gummy slugs, and a bottle of Coke.  I’m so weak! 

8.  1:30pm -4pm get home, make lunch, eat.  My schedule rolled over and showed it’s soft underbelly back at the gift shop, I just didn’t realize it.  James played on the floor with his new toys, then we ate lunch while watching Avatar.

9. 4pm bath supersedes scheduled nap time.  James wanted to see if his new toys worked in the tub so in he went.  I read while he played, and talked to himself, and basically bossed all his new sea creatures around in a creepy Yoda voice.  At one point he said “Hey you! Settle down and behave, or you are gonna be in big trouble!  Grrr!  You don’t know what my family looks like! Snarl!”  I have no idea where that came from, I don’t think we look very scary?

10. 5pm-6:30pm Dinner.  Mushroom ravioli-snarf!

11.  6:30pm – 8:30pm.  Random crap like additional snacking, getting hot chocolate, wrestling, reading, and getting ready for bed.

11.  8:30pm –  Bedtime.  This actually happened at 9:30pm.  James was hyper and it took a while to get him to settle down.   Once James stopped jumping on the bed, tried on multiple sets of PJs, and finally made it under the covers, he scooted to the side and patted his pillow, the usual gesture signifying snuggle time.  We chatted for a while about sea creatures. 

J:  Mom?
M:  Yes…
J:  Do seals live in the ocean?
M:  Yes they do.
J:  Where are their teeth?  In their mouthesssess.sss…..ssss…s?
M:  Yes, try a few less ssssss next time.
J:  They eat ninjas, right?
M:  Ummm….
J: They open up their mouthesesses, an eat them, an then they go in their tummies right?  Then I could punch them in the nose.
M:  OK, I think it is time to say goodnight.

And that my friends is how our weekend was.  How was yours?

PS:  The battle of the buldge continues.  I’m eating better, sleeping better, but the weight just keeps on a’comin dammit!  If you are having similar issues, head on over to 2 Much Testosterone for some support.


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  1. Pammie

    May 5, 2010 at 8:54 am

    I envisioned a very sweet picture of mother and child off exploring the world together. Thank you for setting the mood for me, because I’ll need it later when I have my 3 kids in the car on the way to the grocery store.



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