Mouse Butt

22 Mar

I’ve mentioned before, that we live in the woods.  We love living amongst the trees.  We have privacy, quiet, greenery, it’s like wild kingdom.  We have a mama deer that brings her babies into our yard to graze.  Tim, has had a very large owl fly glide right over his head, as he was walking down the driveway. 

Some of the visiting wildlife is terribly cute but, ultimately unwelcome.  Raccoons, for example, are adorable balls of fur but they are the ninja punk rockers of the forest.  They eat all your garbage without so much as a by your leave, and brawl with each other over who gets the choice banana peel.  They will climb headfirst down the siding of our house, hissing an spitting insults at us when we yell at them to get off the front porch.  We also have visitors that are neither cute, nor welcome of the scurrying, nibbling, pooping everywhere, eating holes in things variety.  I’m talking mice and rats. 

The previous owners of our house had indoor cats, and for a short time our house was rodent free after moved in.  Our dogs weren’t hunters, or guard dogs, or anything but lazy moochers, and eventually we started to see the signs that mice were moving in.  Black stuff that was neither lint nor dirt in front of the dryer, sheets nibbled in the hamper- disgusting.

We put out traps and hid poison nooks and crannies that James couldn’t reach.  This. didn’t. help. One. Bit!  What doesn’t kill mice, only makes them   drunk.  I was laying in bed one night trying to drift off.  I heard the pitter patter of feet in the ceiling, skittering, a squeak,  then clanging of a body tumbling down a heating duct, followed by, I kid you not, a wee little thud, then more squeaking.  Drunk, I’m telling you.  I just hope it was a mouse not a rat.

This incident was not the height of the rodent invasion.  The little bastards tried to take over our car.  One dark rainy, morning, we were driving to work minding our own business, when we noticed movement where it shouldn’t have been.  At first we thought it was a small leaf , but sure enough there was mouse nose, and ears bobbing up and down up right next to the windshield wiper.  We were doing about 50, and the head disappeared quickly.  Maybe mice don’t like wind in their ears. 

We had to stop for a red light, and the in desperation the mouse ran up the windshield, then quickly disappeared again, this behavior was repeated a few times.  Tim had a brilliant idea; when the mouse started up the windshield again, he’d hit the wipers and brush him/her gently off the car.  At the next opportunity, Tim hit the wipers.  What we didn’t think about was that mice have long protuberances on their butts.  The wiper caught the mouse by the tail and proceeded to wipe the windshield with its butt. 

Ultimately, the mouse escaped unscathed and started a new life somewhere outside James’s daycare.  Lucky for him or her because, shortly afterwards, we adopted two cats who are cracker jack hunters, and tah dah, no more mice or their tiny butts anywhere near our car….so far.

Monday HASAY Check-In

45 minutes of running and walking on the treadmill with a cold.  I give myself kudos for having the dedication to work out with tissue stuffed up my nostrils to keep them from leaking constantly.  I had pie shortly after though.  I also haven’t had the guts to step on the scale this week.


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3 responses to “Mouse Butt

  1. Jessica

    March 23, 2010 at 1:13 pm

    mmmmm pieeee…..


  2. Pammie

    March 23, 2010 at 7:10 pm

    Heads up – I had to nominate you for the Stiletto Award. You’re my favorite blog. (


  3. Casey

    March 24, 2010 at 12:41 pm

    Oh yuck, smeared mouse butt on your windshield. I’m jealous that you live out in the middle of nowhere and for that, I could probably get used to the rodents.

    Great work not using the “get out of workout free” card with your sniffles. Pie is ok once in awhile too, just a slice though.



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