08 Mar

I don’t honestly know where to start, our whole evening was so far out there, that Tim and I were left a little flustered.

James started the evening by singing a mashup of  Humpty Dumpty and Rudolph.  He babbled like a baby, then tickled Tim.  Cute so far right?  He threatened to kick me in the face (yes he did) then fell down shrieking with laughter.  He stripped down to his underwear, jumped on the couch, tried to do a few somersaults.  He got hung up on his own head, and resorted to sticking  his butt up in the air.  He shook his fanny vigorously, smacked it a few times while yelling, “tickle juice!”  What the eff?

I put James to bed early thinking he was overly tired.  He protested by growling and hissing which is his version of tiger.   I happen to  speak dog, otherwise I might not have understood the “I love you” that he barked as I shut his door. 

James saw the Disney version of Alice In Wonderland at school today.  He also saw the Tim Burton version on Sunday.  That might have been one too many Alices for his little brain to handle, cause he was channeling the Mad Hatter.


Posted by on March 8, 2010 in Doin', Kid Speak


2 responses to “Silliness

  1. Jessica

    March 9, 2010 at 7:50 am

    Hahahah hilarious! Yes it sounds like hes been in wonderland for tooooo long!


  2. Pammie

    March 9, 2010 at 9:28 am

    Your boy sounds like a bucket of fun! I hope I have many silly days with my kids. The laughter is never enough.



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