Random Tuesday Thoughts

02 Mar


Ok- let the randomness commence (drums fingers on table).  Commencing randomness right this minute.  Ok….Go!

More finger drumming…….

My brain is cramping, I have a terrible case of writer’s block.  I mean, I’ve been trying so hard the past year to string together some well written sentences, tell a coherent story, that trying to go all stream of conciousnessy isn’t working.  Maybe I’ll check in and see what other successful bloggers have done for Random Tuesday Thoughts.


Ok- that did not help.  There are some amazing writers out there, and their posts are so well done, so funny, they can’t possibly be random. 

Ok suck it up woman, get your head in the game.  Squirrel!

James went to the dentist today, he was so brave, he tolerated having his teeth scrubbed and flossed.  They tried giving him his first fluoride treatment, the kind where they put the goo into a tray that you have to bite down on.  The tray that makes you feel like you are smothering.  While you are smothering you drool like a rabid dog.  You know the one right?  James took it like a champ.  Spoon!   

I do not watch The Bachelor.  I tried once but couldn’t do it.  I couldn’t wrap my head around the idea of women going on a reality show to win a man.  Maybe I didn’t really watch the Bachelor, I watched the season where the guy was supposed to be rich but he was really a construction dude that made about $35K.  He proposed to the girl who wasn’t really into the whole thing and after they immediately broke up, she became a Nutrisystem rep and he retreated into obscurity.   Am I really missing something special?  Tater Tots!

Last night, had it been our first date, Tim and I might not have made it to a second.  He was channeling the Nutty Professor and that would have not gone over well with me.    Tim’s tummy wasn’t feeling so great after dinner, so he curled  up on the couch and the inevitable happened.  His tummy became rather rumbly.  Additionally,  he was wearing his super comfy man pants, that are equally un-stylish.  His shirt was on inside out and he was inexplicably only wearing one sock.  Luckily we’ve been together for a long time, and he has seen me looking equally disheveled. Organ Transplant! 

We aren’t done watching the Winter Olympics.  We have hours of Olympics recorded, and I”m not sure how much more I can tolerate.  Did you know that bobsleds weigh 500 pounds?  The take-off rituals that the teams employ to get themselves all psyched up before hurling themselves down the course, are hilarious. There is butt slapping, shoulder thumping, and aggressive visor shutting.  The intensity is epic. Yatzee!

So this is me being random, did I succeed?  Go ahead judge harshly, just be sure to leave a lot of comments.


Posted by on March 2, 2010 in Ramblings


2 responses to “Random Tuesday Thoughts

  1. Steenky Bee

    March 3, 2010 at 6:36 am

    Confession: I only watch The Bachelor for the train wreck possibilities. It’s amazing to see the women get this Sorority mentality and fall for the guy so quickly.

    What? You’re still living the Olympic dream? Awesome. It’s amazing how addicted we became to watching six hours of tv every night!


  2. Pammie

    March 3, 2010 at 6:36 pm

    I thought I was the only person to take pictures of my kids at the doctor’s office. Monday, at the eye doctor, I got a snapshot of my son. My kids get so embarrassed at me for doing things like that. I told him at least I only used the cellphone this time. He was lucky my digital camera didn’t have charged batteries.I got a snapshot of his first breathing treatment and at the dentist. (Not all in the same day.)



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