Lazy Weekend

21 Feb

The sun has been out for two whole days, not the least bit usual for the Western side of Washington state.  Am I out enjoying it? No, I am not.  I did stand in a sunbeam in the kitchen and enjoyed the warmth radiating up from the floor for a second. 

Why are we not outside taking advantage of the sun?  ‘Cause the Davis house is all about sore throats, snot and cars today.  James woke up this morning, and the pink eye that I thought we’d gotten rid of in the left, has moved to the right, and green goo is running out of his nose.  I have a sore throat and a headache.  Tim has been up for 72 hours straight working on the 510.  Oh wait, Tim has the shop door open, so that counts.

Since we aren’t feeling well, we are going to make an attempt at napping.  It is nap time now, but strangely I can’t find James, and he was here just a second ago.  Did he go in to the kitchen?  No. Is he in the bathroom?  No.  Did he go outside? Where could he be?  Oh wait, there is a lump under the blanket, on the couch, where did that come from?  The lump just started to wriggle, could this be my missing boy?  No! I don’t recall many lumps capable of shouting no.  I think I’ll try sitting on the lump, it does look so very soft and comfy.  Let’s see what happens.  Viola the lump started to shriek!  Lo, my lost child has been found. 

Nap Time!

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