He’s Got Moves

18 Feb

Not much going on this week, so here are a couple of random bits.

At night, when he is supposed to be in bed sleeping, James has been up doing stuff like turning on and off the bathroom lights.  He has also taken to pulling his dirty clothes out of the hamper and putting them back in his dresser.  It isn’t a huge deal, because figuring out which shirts and pants are dirty is pretty easy; socks and underwear are harder.  I recently purchased a set of Star Wars undies, cause I love to indulge my little man.  The pure joy that passed across his face, the sincere “thank you Mom,” and big hug made it worth the $5.99.  He wanted to wear them every day, and I happily obliged, but after seven days in a row, it occurred to me that the package was only a four pack. 

James got out of bed this morning, excited to start his day.  He was dancing around, singing to himself, and busting some fly some moves.  I realized that his nether region didn’t smell terribly fresh.  He’s been potty trained for a while, but sometimes still needs assistance wiping.  I told him that his bottom was a little stinky and turned to grab some wipes.  Behind me, he started singing “Stinky, stinky…Stinky!Stinky!Stiiiiiinnnkkkky!”  I turned back around to find him, naked, doing a dance that can only be described as a good old-fashioned bump and grind.

Update (2/19)

After writing this post, I settled in for the evening.  I kept hearing footsteps, and then the distinct sound of James’ bedroom door closing.  Curious to know what Little Man was up to, I went downstairs.  Evidentially, I had mixed some of my laundry in with James’, and he was displeased.  I found a pair of Tim’s pajama bottoms and one of my t-shirts in a heap on the floor outside his very firmly closed door.  The pile screamed “Take that Mama, this is my territory!”

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Posted by on February 18, 2010 in Doin', Kid Speak, Ramblings


One response to “He’s Got Moves

  1. Captain Dumbass

    February 19, 2010 at 10:19 pm

    That is hilarious. My little guy has just started going to bed in underwear instead of pullups. Unfortunately, he’s picked up quite a cough this week and it’s a little too much for his bladder to deal with.



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