No More Awesomeness

15 Feb

The house has been returned to US control.  The Canadian flag no long flies, the streamers are down, and there are only three of us hanging out on the couch.  Yes, our friends packed up and headed home….sigh.

We had a lovely weekend, and I’m not ready to accept that it’s over.  We stayed up way too late chatting and watching the Olympics on Friday.  I misted up when the whales “swam” across the floor, and cried when the Northern lights were displayed.  I mentally checked out during the speeches and the opera, and despite technical problems, I thought the ceremonies were gorgeous.  I wasn’t sure how anyone could spend less and top the Chinese, but they did- go Canada!

After a lazy morning on Saturday, we headed out to visit the Museum of Glass (MOG).  Before we left, I heard conspiratorial whispering in the dining room then James bounced in to the kitchen wearing his own pair of 2010 Olympics mittens, which he thought were….you guessed it…AWESOME! 

The trip to the MOG was James’s first visit to a bona-fide museum and he behaved pretty well.  James liked watching the artists work in the hotshop for a little bit, but got restless, and thought the music was too loud.  He had fun guessing what all the shapes were in the display of art inspired by children’s drawings.  He started to ask to go home while we walked through Preston Singletary’s exhibit of native american artwork.  James pestering us about going home abruptly ended when we looked at the exhibits outside.  But he couldn’t understand why he couldn’t swim in the reflecting pools.  He had a blast running across and jumping off of the benches on the bridge of glass while we took pictures of the enormous sculptures.   We all liked the museum, but wished that there was more artwork.  After the museum trip, our friends took us out to dinner, then we went home,  put James to bed,  watched Serenity, my all time favorite Scifi movie.  Then we stayed up until 2am watching the Olympics again.  

Staying up until 2am isn’t as easy as it used to be so naturally Sunday was a  lazy day.  My Canadian friend and I used to stay out dancing and drinking until the wee hours of the morning.  But now, sitting on the couch until 2am watching the tube left us feeling wrecked- maybe it was all the bad jokes.  We didn’t manage to get out of our of our PJs until 2pm.  We grabbed a few supplies from the grocery store, then made a lovely Valentine’s dinner of beef tenderloin in a red wine mushroom sauce, with garlic mashed potatoes, salad and roasted garlic bread.  Dessert was individually baked  chocolate souffles. Our Canadian friends are like family, but we feed them like company.

The heart-shaped confetti from last night’s dinner is still scattered on the table.  There is an empty bottle of wine on the kitchen counter.  The Vancouver newspaper is on the floor in the living room.  Maybe if all the leftovers from the weekend stay where they are, the weekend won’t truly be over.


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4 responses to “No More Awesomeness

  1. steenky bee

    February 16, 2010 at 6:50 pm

    You are brave. Taking a youngin’ to a museum of GLASS? Wow. You know, Glass is my last name. One day, I hope to have a Museum of Glass erected in my name too. In it shall lie exibits of me learning to ride a bike, me getting my first barbie, me covering up a hole in the wall I made with a 4 iron and me with bangs. That last one? Will be a scary site for everyone.


  2. steenky bee

    February 16, 2010 at 6:51 pm

    Whoa. That post was a little self-centric. Sorry. Say, do your Canadians say “aboot”? because my Canadian friends all pretend that urban myth doesn’t exist when I KNOW IT DOES.


    • Lizgizzy

      February 17, 2010 at 11:05 am

      My Canadian friends do have very slight accents. Aboot and roooof, and ger-
      Ag, are thing I frequently hear. I love them for it.


  3. Captain Dumbass

    February 17, 2010 at 7:13 pm

    Ignore Steenky. And nobody says aboot, its just for the tourists.



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