Weekly Writer’s Workshop

07 Feb

The prompt from Mama Kat is to list 10 things you never knew until you were mom.  In no particular order…

1.     Love at first sight is possible.  As Tim brought James to me, and I looked at him for the first time, I felt overwhelmed by how much I loved him.  All it took was a second, it was a fierce  and scary.  I know that this isn’t uncommon, but it still surprises me how quickly and thoroughly he had me wrapped around those tiny little fingers of his.  I think my husband would say the same.

2. My life revolves around body fluids, sometimes coming out of multiple orifices simultaneously.  James was about 8 weeks old, and at the stage that every time the diaper came off there’d be a shower.  I wasn’t quite quick enough, and my shirt and the wall got wet.  This wasn’t new, and not terribly shocking, so I calmly wiped off the wall, and put on a fresh diaper which…..he promptly filled.  I put on another diaper and he unloaded immediately, again!  We did this dance 5 more times.  Once he finally stopped pooping, I gathered him in my arms, and he spit up, filling the hood of my sweatshirt to the hem.  I cried.

3.  I swore I wouldn’t be, but I am one of those parents with toys creeping across the living room floor.  Toys keep James entertained.  An entertained James is a happy James.  I have very little shame when it comes to keeping James happy.  See #7

4. Kids hear everything and forget nothing.   I walked in to the kitchen one morning, not to long ago, to find James standing at the sliding glass door muttering under his breath.  He was saying “Fucking door, won’t open.  This is bullshit!”  Yeah…I wonder where he picked that up, probably school, sure that’s it.

5.   We tried to hard not to be one of those families that everyone wanted to smother with a crappy airplane pillow.  As much as it kills me to admit it we were “one of those parents” ;  James screamed from the moment we took off to the moment we landed.  We tried everything, nothing worked, and it sucked for us and everyone else.  I think it is a right of passage. 

6.  Even though they don’t do much at first, infants can fascinate Dads. James would make eye contact with Tim and they’d stare at each other, like they were trying to memorize each other’s faces.  Seeing all the physical and mental changes that James went through was interesting to Tim.     

7.  Being a parent means that you get to be like a kid again. You get to roll around on the floor, have tickle fights, splash in the bath, make art with PlayDough, run around the yard shrieking.  Your kids will love you for it.  See #3

8.  I thought that I was done with school when I graduated.  But now I get to  experience school all over again starting with pre-school.   There’s homework and drama over someone else not sharing a toy…..sigh.

9.  Christmas is exciting again.  Making the holiday magical for James has brought back the joy for me.  Hauling out the decorations, cooking the dinner, isn’t a chore anymore. 

10.  Being a mom is hard.  I knew it would be, but living the reality is another matter, I’ve never been so exhausted, even now that James is 4.  But seeing him run towards me at the end of the day beaming and calling for me makes every minute worth it.


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2 responses to “Weekly Writer’s Workshop

  1. Steenky Bee

    February 8, 2010 at 2:43 pm

    Ah!! I identified with almost all of these! Especially item 1. I never believed you could love something just by seeing it. Enter Henry, our first. Both our little one are adopted so I thought it might be weird looking at a baby who didn’t look like me and didn’t come from my belly. But I distinctly remember seeing him being wheeled into the nursery along side another baby boy. Our social worker didn’t know for sure which one was ours. I scanned them over and before I knew it, my heart had settled on the loud one crying with the biggest mouth I had ever seen on a little one. I knew there was a chance the other baby could be ours, but I hoped he wasn’t. I feel deeply when the loud one was wheeled out by me and our birthmom’s doc said, “You’re a mom. Do you want earplugs?”


    • lizgizzy

      February 8, 2010 at 11:20 pm

      Awesome- why didn’t I think of earplugs sooner?

      Henners has had a big personality from the get go, just like you, a match made in heaven.



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