For Your Musical Entertainment

19 Jan

James’s going-to-bed routine now includes singing.  He usually starts with ABCs, then segues into Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  To round out the evening’s entertainment, he prefers do a little improvisation,  usually Star Wars themed, to commemorate his blossoming love for the franchise. 

(to the tune of  Rudolph…but only in the loosest sense of the word)

  • Luke Skywalker is a good Jedi…What’s that round thing Mom?
  • Death Star………He only had one chance…to destroy the Death Star
  • an he didn miss!…..what are those straight things Mom?
  • an the Imperial Walkers were walking……..on der feats!
  • an they fell on the snow…
  • an they layed there…
  • an Darth Vader……is really, really bad…
  • an Luke stopped him…
  • Millenium Falcon….
  • hmm….hmmm…..mmm….
  • Sand People
  • mmm…
  • Pod Racer!

I’m so proud, it brings a tear.

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Posted by on January 19, 2010 in Kid Speak


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