Date Day

03 Jan

Tim has been working really, really hard on his car (Datsun 510) during his Holiday vacation.  He has been staying up days in a row, building electrical panels, installing battery cables, and other laborious tasks that are necessary when building a car from scratch. I decided that he needed to take a break today.  I arranged for a babysitter, and we went on a date; lunch and and a movie, Sherlock Holmes. 

Lunch, at Bellevue’s idea of an authentic Irish Pub, Patty Coyne’s, was forgettable, but Sherlock Holmes was good.  The dialogue between Robert and Jude was witty yet managed to convey a deep sense of friendship.  The action was non-stop, but the story was just OK.  The whole thing seemed like one long set-up for the sequel.  I’ll go see the sequel though because Robert Downey Jr. spent just enough time with his shirt off for me to want to see more.  Did I say that out loud?  Yep- and I’m not taking it back either.

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