Star Wars Christmas

01 Jan

Christmas was very low-key this year.  We kept mostly to ourselves and cut way back on gifting.   The only extravagant thing we did was have prime rib for dinner.  James’s letter to Santa received a reply via video, that James watched several times Christmas Eve.  Christmas morning James opened his presents.  After an omelet breakfast, we lazed around most of the day, then spent the evening with Tim’s mom.  Grandpa Pat came to visit the next day, stopping over on his way out of the country for two months.

So why is this titled Star Wars Christmas?  Because, James received the Star Wars trilogy (IV-VI) and a Millenium Falcon and he has been talking about nothing but Star Wars ever since.  He has so many questions about how to become a Jedi, what all the aliens are, who Yoda is.  I’m a little sad actually, he used to call DarthVader, Darth Mater, and Yoda was Toyoda.  I try to call them by their old cuter names, and get sternly corrected.

James started running a low-grade fever a few days ago, and we’ve been keeping him quiet so the movies have been watched over and over.   I knew the movies would be a hit because from the moment we took James to his first movie, he would lose his mind every time he saw the Star Wars poster in the lobby.  I’m not sure how he even knew what Star Wars was, maybe one of the older kids, at school, saw Clone Wars.  It isn’t like we’ve discussed it, but somehow he knew it was cool.  I  think it is in his genes.

My Mom and Grandma were dedicated scifi fans.  Grandma had a stunning collection of Allen Dean Foster, Andrea Norton, and Heinlein books that I read voraciously when I came over for visits.  Seeing Star Wars was inevitable.  I remember Mom and Dad going to see Star Wars IV, they told me it wasn’t a movie for kids and I was more than a little sad about that.  Not that I really knew what the movie was about,  I was just sad that I wasn’t grown up enough to go to the movies with my folks, I was 9 afterall.  After they got home, Mom came in to say goodnight and in a hushed tone, promised to take me, but we could not tell Dad. 

I can’t really describe how I felt the first time I saw Star Wars, it was unlike anything I’d ever seen before, I was transported, and I was hooked.  Mom was too, but this was the woman who had an Enterprise model hanging from the ceiling in her studio and religiously watch Star Trek every afternoon.  Other members of my family were equally hooked.  I remember being impressed by my cousin’s collection of Star Wars toys, and clearly remember being a little jealous of his themed bedding.  So a love of scifi runs thick in James’s blood. 

James has just finished watching Return of the Jedi again, he loves the Ewoks, and his Millenium Falcon is sitting in a place of honor on the hearth. He is munching on cinnamon toast and working on a list for Christmas 2010.   Maybe Episode I will be on the list.


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2 responses to “Star Wars Christmas

  1. mrsmouthy

    January 6, 2010 at 3:12 pm

    Okay, I’m starting to think it’s cruel to not introduce our sons. Vincenzo got a spider droid and some other really shooty Star Wars Lego thing this year. The ninja turtles have all evolved to using “light savers” (we still get the cute mispronunciations). I’m not quite ready to let him see the movies yet…but James and V should totally hook up. Wanna go for it?


    • Elizabeth

      January 7, 2010 at 4:00 pm

      Yes- we should go for it. James is really in to “making new friends” these days. How do you want to work it?



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