That’s the Spirit

12 Dec

We’ve been cooped up all day in the house.  Tim hurt his back, James has a nasty cough (his ear infection spread to his nose and throat), and I have a cold.  So, when dinner-time rolled around, Tim, seeing my overwhelming disinterest in cooking, thoughtfully suggested that we go out.

James said that he wanted an enchilada, so Mexican it was.  When we arrived at the restaurant, the parking lot was packed.  Tim let me out at the curb in front of the restaurant because, being the genius that I am, I’d pounded almost a liter of water before getting into the car for a 30 minute ride to town, I had to GET OUT.  I got a table, and sat there long enough to get more water for Tim and I, and juice for James.  I waited………. and waited some more, long enough for the waitress to ask if I wanted an appetizer.  I knew parking was bad but I didn’t think it would take as long as it was taking, or maybe Tim had hurt his back even more by trying to get James out of the car, or maybe he’d slipped on a patch of ice or……Just as my imagination was getting the best of me, Tim hobbled in with James in hand.

I looked quizzically at Tim.  Through gritted teeth he informed me that he’d found a parking space pretty quickly and was preparing to back in, a tricky move when his back was hurting so much that he was asking me to help with lane changes during the drive in…. Anyway, he was halfway through the procedure when someone dove in and took the spot.  Tim had fallen victim to classic “Holiday Shopping” induced bad parking behaviour.  He was not pleased, and good thing Tim was feeling gimpy,  otherwise words might have been exchanged.  I was really tempted to ask James if Daddy had used any bad words, but Tim beat me to it by volunteering that he had not.  The man knows me too well.   But the cute part of this long story is that James, with some rather judicial hand gestures, and a firm  tone told me that this person was “not going to get a present from Santa…’cause steeling parking spots is bad mom.” 

So sayeth James.  Steelers of parking spaces shall henceforth no longer be eligible for gifts from Santa.  That is all.

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Posted by on December 12, 2009 in Doin'


One response to “That’s the Spirit

  1. mrsmouthy

    December 12, 2009 at 10:02 am

    Kids. They really have it all figured out, don’t they?



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