Discussions with James

10 Nov

Not much has been going on this week, I’m recovering from a hysterectomy and am too lazy to post.  But this was too cute to not write aboute.

James and Tim had two very serious discussions tonight.

 In the bathroom at a local restaurant:

J:  Dad?

D:  Yes?

J:  You’ve gotta be good, or no more stickers

D:  That’s right, if you are bad, you don’t get any more stickers

(Snickers from the gentleman in the next stall)

J:  No Dad, You have to be good, or no more stickers For You!

(Full on laughter)

Later at home: 

J:  Dad?

D:  Yes?

s: Stay away from chemicals, if you don’t you’ll be in big trouble

D:   Ok son

Js:  And Dad?

D:  Yes son?

J:  Some frogs have chemicals in them

D: OK son

J:  Dad?

D:  Yes

J:  Some people have chemicals in their bones, and in their brains.  Brains are not in your stomach, they are in your head

D:  Why yes son, that is right, your brains are in your head

J: Yeah , your brains are in your head, so you can think about what you want from Santa


Posted by on November 10, 2009 in Kid Speak


2 responses to “Discussions with James

  1. mrsmouthy

    November 15, 2009 at 8:28 pm

    James rocks. Wouldn’t it be nice if all we had to do to punish bad people was take away their stickers?

    Wow, sorry about the whole hysterectomy thing. That has to be as emotionally difficult as it is physically. Hope you are being pampered by your family and friends!


  2. Elizabeth

    November 18, 2009 at 3:00 pm

    I wish it was that simple. Right now a lot of people at work would be stickerless.

    Having a hysterectomy was physically difficult. I was very ready to say by by to that particular part, so the emotional part of it, not so tough.



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