04 Aug

I’ve actually been home for two weeks, but spent my time working like a maniac and trying recover from working like a maniac in Atlanta.  This didn’t work very well.

What we’ve been up to:

  • I went diving with sharks in Atlanta, a lovely experience.  This is the tank that I dove in and the room that my team’s dinner was in.  This is only a portion of the glass wall….simply awesome.
Big Fish

Big Fish

  •  Heat and coping with it.  Fortunately temperatures went down today, which hopefully means that we can spend some time upstairs instead of hiding in our basement.
James's coping style

James's coping style

  • Birthday parties galore.  We went to two parties this weekend; both parties were for kids turning one.  It was fun but zooish, there were so many kids of various ages running around in packs, and I’m amazed that James didn’t get trampled…too many times.  Watching the kids play with toys then move to eating food was like watching sharks in a feeding frenzy, vicious and fast.   James ignored most of this in favor of playing outside.  Fortunately James isn’t a fan of cake either so he was only moderately spun up most of the time.  Sugar highs and heat don’t mix very well anyway.


  • Staining our decks which is a big job because we have a total of 3.  Of course I chose the hottest days of the year for Tim to do most of the work, poor baby.  Sure it was hot, and Tim wound up hurting his back, but it also meant that our decks were dry, which is a rare thing in the Pacific Northwest.    
  • Watching James grow…like a weed.  He’s lost two pounds, and suddenly has really long legs, which gratefully he seems to have inherited from his daddy.  The only things that James seems to have from me are my ears, lips, and temperament. But we still can’t figure out who he looks more like.  He just changes too fast.
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