Port Townsend – Awesome Weekend Getaway

01 Jul

Last weekend Tim and I dumped James off as fast as we could shove him through the door lovingly left James with his grandparents, while we vacationed in Port Townsend.  We had a wonderful time, and enjoyed everything about our visit.

For those of you not in the know, Port Townsend is a small town located on the extreme North Eastern side of Washington’s Olympic Peninsula.  The port was founded in the late 1800’s and many of the original Victorian buildings and homes exist.  Many husbands may turn up their noses at being surrounded by so much frilliness, but trust me.  Staying in an ancient home is way more cool than it sounds and there is so much good food to be had, and other fun things to do, they won’t notice the lace doilies and the ornate stained glass…much. 

We stayed in Manresa Castle, which used to be one of the the more opulent homes in Port Townsend back in the day.  The room rate per night was a reasonable $100.   The rooms are small and were starting to look a little worn.  The bathroom was so narrow that I could sit on the toilet and rest my head on the wall, which could come in handy for those that decide to party down.  On the bright side most rooms contain antique furniture (charming), and the bed induced deep and heavy sleep (zzzzzz).

Now for my favorite part, the food…oh the food. 

Brassica-  Everything from the service to the presentation of the food was awesome.  Tim had pork tenderloin that was so tender you could cut it with a fork.  I had duck over a mushroom risotto that was delicate and heavenly.  Everything was so fresh, from the amuse bouche to desert.  The chef came out and checked on everyone personally which I thought was a nice touch.  This was one of the most expensive dinners we had during the weekend, but it was so worth it.  Brassica is only open on Friday’s and Saturdays.

Sweet Laurette & Cyndee’s Bakery- Brassica shares space with Sweet Laurette’s and I’d heard good things.  Our breakfast was so good, that we went back the next day because my ass needed to get even bigger.  Sweet Laurette’s does breakfast, lunch, and dinner (except Friday and Saturday). Tim had lemon ricotta infused pancakes that were fluffy and moist.  I had a mountain of orange, vanilla, cinnamon infused French toast- that were delicately crispy on the outside and custardy without being icky on the inside. 

Pan D’Amore– This local bakery supplies Sweet Laurette’s with the bread that they make the french toast with.  They were just around the corner, so of course we had to visit.  Pan D’Amore makes awesome and large variety of breads and rolls.  But my favorite was these amazing cheese sticks that I could have gobbled with wild abandon all day.  They also sell an assortment of cookies and French pastries, and Cinnamon rolls.  Get there early, they are packed in the morning, and by closing time there shelves are pretty bare…not a cheese stick to be had. 

Lanza’s Ristorante- We had a hankering for Italian, and we’d heard good things, and I clearly didn’t feel like fitting into my skinny jeans anymore….so off we went.  The setting is very homey.  Throughout dinner, an elderly gentleman played jazz piano.  Tim and I decided that he had to be Laurie’s father, she, the owner, plays piano, and he does, and he’s old so that must mean that….anyway.   Tim had Lanza’s Spaghetti and Meatballs; I had Chicken Marsala which was very tender.  Our meal was very well done, the servings were more than generous and the flavors were complex without being heavy.  Tim’s meatballs tasted like something what I imagine an Italian grandmother would make, jealously hiding the recipe even after her death. 

Waterfront Pizza- Yep, they were good too.  Waterfront Pizza is down on….the waterfront.  They have a tiny storefront, with just barely enough space to sit and have a slice.  They keep the windows open during the day and the smell lured us in.  The crust is on the thinner side, a nice combo of crispy and chewy, with a nice sourdough tang.  Their sauce is zesty, and they pile on lots of toppings which makes the whole thing a messy treat. 

There were lots of other restaurants that we’d heard about like Fountain Cafe, T’s Restaurant, etc. but maybe next time.

Between meals we wandered around down town.  We also visited the Farmer’s Market on Saturday, which was small but impressive.  The produce was gorgeous and there was a decent variety of arts and crafts to browse through.  They had live music playing and Pan D’Amore was selling their bread on the street yippee!

We also took a lovely kayak tour through the port out to Fort Warden and back.  PT Outdoors supplied the gear, and a guide, and we supplied the muscle.   We were a little tired afterwards so we both got wonderful massages from Jan at Labella Day Spa, which is next door to Pan D’Amore.  I sat outside in the sun while to relax while Tim was getting his massage, and enjoyed the smell of fresh baked bread.

 I would have liked to tour one of the historic boats, or taken in a movie at the Rose Theater (very old), and visited the Marine Center which I guess has the largest Star Fish on record, who is name Pinkie. But that is all we could fit in.

I thought James would miss us a little more than we did, but evidentially his grandparents took him on not one, but two train rides, to a slide, let him touch a reindeer, etc.  When we arrived to pick him up he was in the midst of an epic water pistol fight with his grandma.  This is the lady that I’ve seen bribe other small children with whipped cream straight from the can, so naturally she is a favorite with the 5 and under crowd.  All in all, I think we all had a good time.


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2 responses to “Port Townsend – Awesome Weekend Getaway

  1. mrsmouthy

    July 6, 2009 at 2:38 pm

    That’s awesome! I’m glad we didn’t go there while I was pregnant though because food and I don’t get along so well, but this sounds like the place for us once Rocco is born. We’ll have to print out this post and bring it with us. 🙂


    • lizgizzy

      July 6, 2009 at 2:41 pm

      Cool- When you do go, try to book the Palace Hotel. I think it would have been a nicer place to stay than Manresa, and it is on the waterfront in the middle of downtown.



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