Say What?

23 Jun

When he isn’t whining about his knee, James has so much to say that he can’t get it all out.  It is a little like listening to a schizophrenic, fresh out of the asylum, and off of his meds.

This is a little excerpt from putting James to bed last night.

J- Mama, Mama, Mama!?  MAAAMAAA!

M- Yes James.                             

J- (All in one breath, words spilling out of his mouth in a rush) Are we gonna see dolphins?  Big boat! I sneezed…Achoo! Does Daddy say Achoo?  I cover my mouth…Cough!  I’m telling Miss Kim.  Is Miss Kim a boy? I think she’s a boy! Boom! Phoosh!  Grayson…wuff creek!  He slides.  Can I have a story? Phoosh, phoosh, boom!  Enzo went to heaven.  Where’s my friend raccoon?  Is he nice to the kitties? Can I have two birthdays?  How old is Daddy, how old are you?  Is it today? Is wacky hair day today or tomorrow?  There’s a TV on the wall! 

M- Two more minutes of snuggling.  Close your eyes, relax the bod, and no more talking.

J- (Eyes closed, in a whisper).  Don’t touch me…pat my back…slower…faster. Is my friend raccoon bad or good?  Slower….no like this.  Don’t touch me.  Where’s my blanket?  Is my booboo better?  Will the blanket hurt my booboo.  I wanna roll over, will it hurt?  Where’s my band aide.  Rub my back.  Lumpy Headed Dinosaurs go boom…boom…boom!  Will you go get my blanket….peas?

M- Good night James, I’m going to get your blanket.  Stay in bed please.

J- NO!  five more minutes, sixeightnineteneleven…Twelve! 

M- Good night James.  I love you.

J- Love you Mommy (frantic kisses and a death grip hug).

These are our mornings, our evenings, our weekends, our everything 


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2 responses to “Say What?

  1. mrsmouthy

    June 30, 2009 at 9:39 am

    That’s sweet and funny! What’s scary is the entire dialogue probably makes sense to you. 🙂

    Who’s Enzo?


  2. lizgizzy

    June 30, 2009 at 3:04 pm

    Yes, the dialogue does make sense. Enzo was our dog who passed away last year, now we have a cat named Enzo. James named the cat.



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