The Agony

22 Jun

Jame fell down and skinned his knee for the first time this weekend.  You would think that his booboo was actually an amputation without anesthetic with all the limping around and moping he’s been doing for the last 48 hours.  We’ve been through Neosporin, Band Aides, and multiple applictions of his BooBoo Bear.  James insisted that I be super careful with his knee while getting him dressed this morning, and stopped me multiple times by hissing through clenched teeth, and shouting  OUCH even though I wasn’t coming within two inches of his knee.  Then he refused to walk up the stairs because it hurt, so in his infinite wisdom he decided that dragging himself pathetically on his hands and knees up the stairs would be a better idea.  I had no idea that he could be such a drama queen, I’m suprised that he didn’t ask to be taken to the ER.

In his defense, this is the second time that he’s really hurt himself and the  first time was much more serious.  James, for the most part, is a very careful, and deliberate child.  Rarely does he run wild, and as a result he very rarely hurts himself.  He does get a few bumps and bruises now and then, but they are few and far between.  I’m sure skinning his knee is something of a shock, but I’m also sure that he is trying to see how much mileage he can get out of this.   

I’m sure his grandparents are going to hear the dramatic re-telling of the skinned knee over and over this coming weekend.  We are heading up to visit Tim’s dad and step-mom in Port Orchard.  Then we are going to Port Townsend for a couple of days of relaxation while James hangs out with the grandma and grandpa.  I cannot wait, we haven’t had an adults only weekend since we moved into our house two years ago.  And we spent that night painting James’s bedroom and unpacking, so I don’t really count that as a break.  Maybe James will get more sympathy from his grandparents then he is getting from us.

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One response to “The Agony

  1. mrsmouthy

    June 30, 2009 at 9:41 am

    1. Perfect–James is in perfect position to catch his first Man Cold now. Have you seen that video? Let me know if you haven’t and I’ll send you the clip!

    2. Vincenzo skinned his knee playing tennis over a year ago and still freaks out every time we’re near a tennis court.

    3. I hope you had a fabulous time in Port Townsend! It’s on my list of places to escape to for a romantic weekend.



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