09 May
We visited the Evergreen State Fair this weekend.  James was very excited by the Beef Barn, the goats and sheep…he called them all goats.  The Beef Barn left me feeling a little bit sad, all the cows looked so content, they had no idea that they were soon be steak and ribs.  James doesn’t need to know where hamburger comes from quite yet.  We tried to get him to pet a sleeping baby pig, but he must have been bitten by the shy bug, he went to shriekingly happy to buttoned up in less then a second.  Maybe seeing an actual farmer holding an actual pig was just too much for his little brain. 
I’ve officially witnessed Deep Fried Dr. Pepper being created, I can die happy.  The deep fried Twinkie sounded tempting too, but ultimately Dr. Pepper won me over, it is one of my favorite carbonated beverages.  Eating it was another matter, left me feeling somewhat barfy, but I’d also just polished off an elephant ear, and a corn dog.  I should have known better, considering that even the teenagers were steering clear of the Dr. Pepper concoction.  They were going for more mainstream treats such as funnel cakes and french fries.  Gotta love the fair food.
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