Work-Life Balance

09 May
Yesterday, I raced to daycare to pick up James shortly before his daycare closed (not good), and then headed home with every intention of working out- silly me.
Going back to my previous comments about balancing priorities, I came home to a kitchen that smelled like a sewer.  I guess my habit of leaving slightly dirty dishes in the sink for a few days, when the weather is warm is not a good plan.  I had to choose, play with my son, work out, or clean the kitchen.  Not being able to ignore the smell, I set to cleaning up, which meant that plans for working out died.  Mind you I didn’t feel all that bad about it, but in the course of the evening, my jeans grew tighter despite sharing most of my dinner with James.  Maybe it was the ice cream that I ate afterwards? 
While I was busy cleaning up, James played on the floor in the kitchen.  While I wasn’t sitting on the floor with him playing with him, I could at least listen to his stream of conciousness chatter, answer the occasional question, and keep him out of trouble.  He seemed pretty happy with the arrangement so I didn’t feel too bad about concentrating on eliminating household odors, rather than playing with him. 
I frequently watch him entertaining himself and wonder what he is going to grow up to be: scientist, teacher, neuro-surgeon, farmer, formula 1 driver,  and last night I think he gave me a hint.  James found a pair of sunglasses, and making a bold fashion statement, he put them on his chest rather than the usual location.  I thought this was terrbly cute and grabbed the camera.  He realized what I was doing, and putting out a small hand to signal stop he said “no pictures mom” very firmly.  Then he demanded to see the camera and any pictures that I’d managed to take.  I’m thinking pop star?
Now that the kitchen is in pretty good shape, maybe I’ll squeeze in a work out tonight.  Leaving work at a decent hour should help. 
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