Weekly Writer’s Workshop

09 May

I typically write about my family, the latest trip, or the cute things my son says.  But, I want to get better at writing and working on topics not necessarily of my choosing, will hopefully flex and stretch my writing muscles a bit.  This post comes courtesy of Mama Kat.  Her prompts for the week are:

1.) I used to think…
2.) List ten things you can do in three minutes.
3.) Describe a time you allowed your child to do something that you normally would not let slide.
4.) I want to become friends with…
5.) What are you currently fascinated with?

1.  I used to think that I had endless amounts of patience.  Silly me, I don’t, and maybe never did.  I used to hold my emotions safely tucked behind a very calm exterior.  Only occasionally would I get pushed over the edge, and usually only after an extended amount of button pushing.  But, between work, husband, child, turning 40, and the death of my mother,  my temper has been leaking out from behind the carefully crafted facade with alarming frequency.  Sometimes I get mean just to blow off some steam, which totally isn’t fair.  Last weekend I was in a such a bad funk, for no apparent reason, that I spent the day gritting my teeth and talking to James in that barely controlled but clearly angry Mom voice, and glaring at my husband.  Tim actually risked discussing my thunderous mood, which says something about how badly I was behaving.  He’s supposed to be the one with the temper not me.  What is up with me? 

2.  Ooh this is hard.  I can tell my son I love him, while mixing bread dough, pre-heating the oven, tracking down the salt….nope the salt has gone missing and my son won’t stop asking questions.  Hmm, honestly, I don’t think I can do 10 things in 3 minutes.  My attention span just isn’t that crisp , I’m easily distracted, and there are plenty of distractions in my house.  Maybe 10 things, 3 minutes each, would be more workable….10 things in a row without distrac…..oh, look CHOCOLATE!

3.  James is pretty well behaved for a three-year old.  He really doesn’t do anything that bad, nor does he have a sibling to help cook up ways to get in trouble.  He regularly says please and thank you without being prompted, and apologizes for spilling his cereal, or accidentally bonking me when we are wrestling.  I haven’t had a moment where I’ve felt like I’m letting him get away with anything….yet.  He has his moments, especially when he is tired, he pouts and wines, and cries because he doesn’t want to put on his pants, or go to school.  But a hug usually fixes that.  We occasionally let him stay up too late, or go one to many days without a bath, but that is it so far.   Ask me that question again when he is a teenager. 

4.  I want to become friends with Brad Pitt, and not for the reason you are thinking.  I am one of the few that does not think he is particularly hot…..I know, but I find the less-than perfect, quirky guy, to be much more attractive.   I’d love for Brad to invite me over, so that I can spend the day casually observing the Pitt/Jolie household.   Burning questions would be answered, like are they really “hands on” with the brood, what are their decorating tastes, does food ever pass Angelina’s lips, and is she just creative or is she teetering on the edge of madness?  I’m genuinely curious to find out what it is like to be that rich, that famous, and maybe that crazy.

5. I’m currently fascinated with writing.  I write at work, I keep a diary, I blog.  I like thinking about what I’m going to say, figuring out if I’ve actually said it, and then weeding out the grammatical goofs and spelling mistakes.  Not that I’m very good at that last part.   

There – my first writing assignment complete.  I’ve actually completed one before, but didn’t have the guts to link on Mama Kat’s site.  Maybe number 1 should have been- I used to think…I was brave. Ha!

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