09 May

I’m in the final stages of a lovely weekend; already dreading returning to work tomorrow.  The sun was out, the weather was mild, it was just gorgeous. I don’t want this day to be over.

We had a pair of very good friends drive down from Vancouver, BC on Friday evening for a weekend visit.   We visited, ate, visited while we ate, drove to Seattle to eat more, watched movies while snacking, and ate again.  They just finished packing up to head back home, and James and I are missing them terribly already.

We had unexpected visitors as well, and they hopefully ate, then died a horrible death.  Luckily our Vancouver friends were only mildly horrified when their schnauzer chowed down on a few of the vagrants as they congregated on our first floor landing.  As a reward for eating a few of our unwelcome visitors, I made the schnauz scrambled eggs with sun-dried tomatoes.  Termites are simply not welcome in our home.

Now I need to burn off some calories, by shopping for an exterminator.

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