They Say the Darndest Things

09 May

James gets to help Tim drive the truck up and down the driveway.  This is something that James regularly looks forward to, but it has created an issue.  James wants to help drive all the time, and we a lot of discussions about why he has to sit in his car seat and wear his seatbelt.  addy

D:  What’s up James?

J:  Why do I have to wear a belt?

D:  What kind of belt?

J:  A belt…um…on my seat.  My….um…my special seat.

D:  Your car seat?

J:  Yeah.  Why Dad?

D:  To keep you safe, in case there is an accident, not because of us, but there are a lot of bad drivers out there.

J:  Bad drivers?

D:  Yeah, people that don’t pay attention, that drive too fast, don’t follow the rules.

J:  Yeah, there are a lot of bad drivers out, there Dad.  A lot of screw drivers.

James said this with such a tone of certainty.  I love our little guy.

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Posted by on May 9, 2009 in Kid Speak


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