Swine Flu and Teleporation

09 May
Kudos to Us and Them for posting this quote on their blog. I know it isn’t terribly originaly to quote a quote, quoted on someone else blog, but this neatly sums it all up for me. 
Bill Maher monologue on the Swine Flu. “You know how many people have died this year already from the regular normal flu flu? Lets call it the flu flu. 13,000. 13,000 people died from that. The swine flu? One. What does the flu flu have to do to get some attention, fuck a goat?”
As my sore throat gets scratchier and my head starts to stuff up, I say thpppp! on the whole swine flu thingy….sniffle….. But, I’m sure if James starts to exhibit even a hint of flu-like symptoms, I’ll be rushing him to the ER so quickly that a vacuum will be left in my wake.  I try really hard not to be overly protective, which sometimes gets James and I into trouble.  In the rare occassion when bad things actually happen, I get ninja intense. 
For example, when we first moved into our current house, we were careful about James and the stairs, but not overly worried because we had stairs at our previous home, and he was doing a great job walking up and down them on his own. He’d either crawl, slither down them like an otter on his tummy, or carefully take one step at a time, steadying himself with a hand on the wall.   We’ll demerits for us, because being in the new house with a new stair configuration, really tripped James up.  James isn’t the only child to fall down our steps, children who are way beyond falling down stairs have taken a header, I don’t know why… anyway. 
One afternoon, I was making James’s lunch in the kitchen, and I heard a strange thumping noise, followed by a sharp cry of fear and pain.  Next thing I knew I was holding James in my lap, checking for bumps and broken bones, with no recollection of removing my oven mitts, or how I got out of the kitchen, across a hall, and down the stairs to the landing.  I don’t remember touching the stairs, things just sort of went black for a second or two.  I think I may have teleported. Whaaaaw!
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