Sucking Down Darjeeling with Mrs. Nesbit

09 May
I haven’t been posting much recently.  Between work, house projects, dr. appointments, surgery, and I can’t remember what all else, I just haven’t been able to squeeze it in.  Life as felt very random and disjointed recently, which is reflected in my post, so I’ll apologize for what follows.
We’ve been trying really hard to cut back on James’s TV viewing recently.  First thing in the morning, he wakes up, he asks if school is closed, and if he can have a show.  Telling him that it is a school day, and that no, he can’t have a show usually leads to a huge hissy.  He doesn’t get TV during the day, and we have started to limit him to a half hour at night.  But during the weekends we let him watch a movie or two.  James’s new farvorite movie is Toy Story.  Thankfully he got over Meet the Robinson’s really quickly.  He sits on the floor, his Buz action figure at his side, a stack of dinosaurs on his lap, and laughs, and talks to the movie, over and over.  He calls Buz, Buz Lightyeard- so cute. 
I’m beyond looking for the tiny details in the background, that Pixar is so good at including, to keep myself entertained.  I’ve figured out most of Andy’s book titles, and think that the Dinoco reference that is popping up in other movies like Cars, is kinda fun.  For some reason, I really love the part where Buz realizes he is an action figure, and gets “drunk” while drinking tea, he introduces his tea party friends as Marie Antionette and her little sister.  Tim Allen’s delivery, a breathy whisper,  gets me every time, still…even after the hundred millionth viewing.  I did manage to read Twilight during one Toy Story viewing and the folllowing nap. 
Easter was OK this year.  James was in a pretty crummy mood most of the weekend, and I had to resort to threatening to tell the Easter Bunny to skip our house, to nip brewing temper tantrums in the bud.  But James and I colored eggs on Saturday.  I should say, he did the actual coloring, I just got the cups of dye ready, and boiled the eggs.  It rained so hard on Sunday that we had to do our hunt inside.  I’m very proud that we didn’t give him any candy, just more dinosaurs, and a little money.  I think he enjoyed dying eggs, more than the hunt.
What else…hmm.  We had a lovely visit with our friends Gregg and Ralph a few weekends back.  It was Gregg’s birthday weekend, and he had some friends over on Saturday, for a celebratory potluck and cards.  Two of the guests work on the set of Smallville, seems like hard work being around all those beautiful people all of the time.  Seriously, the two of them work crazy hours.  Sunday morning we took a lovely walk along a river a few miles from their house; James practiced his bike-riding skills.  The walk was in the vacinity of the farm where that dude fed prostitues to his pigs, naturally I kept an eye out for ghosts and any other people that might have had some crazy rub off on them.  Sunday night we re-celebrated Gregg’s birthday with his parents, sister and nephew.  Gregg and Ralph’s friends and family were very, very, nice to be with.  They are great story tellers.  We came home feeling very relaxed.  I manage to nap a lot at their house.   
I’m too tired to string coherent sentances together.  Gotta go to bed.
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