I Thought I Knew

09 May
I thought I knew what winter was all about:  a little snow, a little hot chocolate, boots, hats and a cozy jacket, maybe a snow man in the yard.  But no, I didn’t really know how beautiful and terrible it could be.
This picture was taken the day before Christmas.  We had roughly 18 inches.
By Friday afternoon, we had a full 24 inches of fresh powdery snow, and were house bound.  Then we lost power one bitterly cold night.  To conserve warmth we slept together.  James spent the night kicking, rolling, and shouting random words in his sleep.  So I guess we didn’t really “sleep” together, I spent most of the night awake, hoping that the power would come back on, while simultaneously worring that my child was going to freeze to death.  He slept like a log, but rolled in circles around the bed, on top of the covers.  
Saturday the snow continued but tempuratures started to rise.  The snow load was so heavy that it was sliding off of our roof in huge chunks.  The sound of snow hitting our decks was thunderous, and the house shook.  Luckily our decks held up well.  We did decide to shovel the snow off of our kitchen deck when the snow had piled up level with the railings.  
Our gutters and landscaping didn’t fare so well.  When the snow started sliding off the roof, it took the gutters with it.  Our roof vents are bent.  Our yard looks pretty mangled as well.   Many of our trees looked like old men weighed down by advanced age.  We lost a lot of branches, so Tim and I ventured outside to try to save some of our trees.  In some places the snow was up to my waist.  I really started to wonder if saving our 30 year old Japanese Maple was worth the trouble.
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